Building Customizations

Beginner's guide to Checkout Customizations

Building Checkout Customizations

Welcome to the guide on building checkout customizations for Checkout Logic. Checkout customizations are a powerful tool that allows you to customize the checkout experience for your customers. They can be used to apply discounts, rename a payment method, and much more.

Getting Started

To start building a checkout customization, navigate to the type of customization you want to make, in the Shopify admin navigation. Click on one of the types displayed in the bottom of the layout, or click 'Create customization' in the top-right corner to create a new customization.

Setting Conditions

If you want your customization to have conditions, you can add them in the bottom of the main panel, under "Add condition". Once you have added one or more conditions, they will appear in the 'Summary' panel, where you can click on the conditions to edit them. Learn more about customization conditions.

Saving your rule

Once you've set the action and the conditions required, you're ready to finalize your customization. Click 'Save' to create your customization. It will now be applied to all applicable checkouts if the status is set to 'Active'. Read about testing your customization here.

Remember, the power of checkout customizations comes from their flexibility. Go ahead and experiment and find the combination of conditions and actions that works best for your store.

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