Linking a customization to a Checkout app block

This guide demonstrates how to link a checkout customization to a checkout app block

Step 1

Create a new customization and choose between 'Hide' or 'Show' checkout app block

Step 2

After giving your rule a suitable title and clicking 'Save', go ahead and copy the customization ID in the right-hand panel.

Step 3

Go to the checkout editor and navigate to the checkout block you want to hide or show.

Then, when inside the app block settings, paste the customization ID into the field named "Customization ID" and save.

Step 4

Now, since the rule doesn't have any conditions, it will always be true, and therefore in this example, always show the app block. To change this, add some conditions to the customization, to fit your needs.

In this example, we want to only display a tax ID text input field to US and Canadian customers. So to achieve that, we just need the country code for our conditions.


Great! Now you know how to link a customization to a checkout app block. Learn more about conditions and customization logic.

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Tip: If you have multiple checkout app blocks, that needs to have the same logic, you can just use the same Rule ID.
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