Plans & Limits

Get to know the plans and limits for Checkout Logic.

Upgrading & Downgrading

Your plan is based on your Shopify plan. If you upgrade your Shopify plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to the new plan next time you load the app. You will be refunded for the unused time on your current plan

Plan Limits

Shopify has set a limit of 5 active customizations of all types of checkout customizations. This is the reason for the number chosen in the app.

Checkout UI customizations are only available on Shopify Plus, and has an arbitrary limit of '99', which we write as 'unlimited' or '∞'.

Checkout App Blocks

Checkout App Blocks (AKA. Checkout UI Extensions) are only available on Shopify Plus subscriptions for the checkout page. Read more about Checkout App Blocks.

Free plan

Try out our app for as long as needed! Our free trial offers the option to test and use our app with limited features and limited to only one customization per category.

Free trial

When subscribing to any plan in the app you will enjoy a 14-days free trial. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends if you decide to, by uninstalling the app.

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