Referrals & discounts

Read about how our referral system works and how you can get the most out of it

Wether you're a store owner or a Shopify partner using this app for a client, you can start earning money by referring our app.

To begin your journey towards earning app revenue, you first need to understand how our referral system works. It's simple! When you refer someone to our platform using your unique referral code, and they sign up for our services, you become eligible for a monthly revenue share of each referral.

Discount and revenue share

Our standard rates are 5% discount incentive for app subscription and 20% of the app subscription as revenue share (after discount). Eg. for a Shopify Plus plan subscription, 20% would be USD 15.01 /mo as revenue share.

Custom shares

Shopify Partners and agencies can reach out to request a custom percentage deal on referrals both on the code discount and the revenue share.


We perform a quarterly payout to your bank account. We will prompt you to share account details for transfer automatically when it is needed. If you prefer another method of payment, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can discuss details.

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